Helpful Guide to Moving

What you need to remember to do

Four Weeks to Go

  1. Get estimates from removal firms.
  2. Check that comprehensive insurance cover is available against damage or loss.
  3. Is there a packing and unpacking service?
  4. Confirm the date of your move with the firm you have chosen.
  5. Check your home contents insurance policies to insure that you are covered for the move and covered at your new address.
  6. Arrange for your gas and electricity meters (plus water meters where relevant) to be read.
  7. Arrange to take over gas and electricity at your new address, and make sure that all appliances will be properly fitted and plumbed or connected.
  8. Notify your telephone company and ask them to make the necessary arrangements for a final account at your present address, and for taking over or installing telephone facilities at your new home.
  9. Arrange for change of address cards to be printed

Two Weeks to Go

  1. Confirm all arrangements, times, etc, for meter readings, disconnection and reconnection with authorities and with your buyer and seller.
  2. Make sure you have a good stock of packing materials, including sturdy boxes and plenty of string and sticky tape

One Week to Go

  1. Send off change of address cards.

  2. Arrange and pay for automatic redirection of your mail by the Post Office.

  3. Cancel and pay up accounts for routine delivery services such as milk, groceries, newspapers and fuel.

  4. Reorganise these deliveries for your new address.

  5. Defrost refrigerators in preparation for move and if you are moving a freezer and its contents, turn it up to maximum for a couple of days before your move.

One Day To Go

  1. Complete your packing except for those items you are likely to need overnight and prepare a picnic for moving day.

  2. Have a large enough cash float available to deal with unexpected expenses.

  3. Make sure you have collected documents and valuables together in a safe place.

  4. Cover carpets that are being left behind, to minimise damage during furniture removal.

  5. Check through previous lists to make sure nothing has been overlooked

  6. Enjoy a worry-free early night.

Moving Day

  1. Strip beds and pack bedding and nightclothes items for washing / toiletries.
  2. Take down curtains
  3. Take up rugs, carpets, floor coverings.
  4. Dismantle any light fittings, etc. not included in sale.
  5. Turn off electric appliances.
  6. Disconnect cooker.
  7. Turn off boiler / central heating.
  8. Turn off water.
  9. Read gas meter.
  10. Read electricity meter.
  11. Secure all windows.
  12. Lock all doors.
  13. Leave key as arranged with new owners.
  14. On arrival at your new home, unpack slowly and methodically so that you can check for loss or damage

Who To Notify

  1. Banks.
  2. Building Societies.
  3. Insurance companies.
  4. Gas, Electricity, Water Boards.
  5. Telephone company
  6. Local Authority (Rating Department).
  7. Driving Licence Authorities.
  8. Inland Revenue.
  9. Store cards and accounts.
  10. Other lease, hire or rental companies.
  11. Employer.
  12. Doctor.
  13. Dentist.
  14. Schools.
  15. Professional bodies / trade unions.
  16. Motoring organisation.
  17. Newsagent.
  18. Satellite / CableĀ  company
  19. TV License authority